Juliana Fadeyev

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Juliana has been performing since the age of 4. Her first time of stage she was an angel – type-casting perhaps? In any case, the wings inspired her to let her imagination take flight.

As a teenager she worked with the Baltimore Theatre Ensemble. Among her many roles there were: Nina/The Seagull, Maggie/After the Fall, Medea/Medea. She founded the acting company Exploring Chekhov, modeling the company on the Stanislavsky Theater of Moscow. Her roles included Yelena/Uncle Vanya, Widow/The Bear, and Masha/Three Sisters. Favorite regional theater roles: Joan/Dames at Sea, Aldonza/Man of LaMancha, Nancy/Olivier. 

She was fortunate to have studied acting with the great Stella Adler, and also at the Strasberg Institute. 

In addition to performing, Juliana teaches classical ballet and acting. She has written two screenplays and one book (“Stretch Like A Cat”). She agrees with Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself: everyone else is already taken.”

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